Cosmetology Program: 1250 hours of instruction
Professional Barbering Program: 1250 Hours Of Instruction
Massage Therapy Program: 624 Hours Of Instruction
Nail Technology Program: 200 Hours Of Instruction
Teacher Program: 500 Hours Of Instruction

Course Objective:

To develop in our students the highest possible degree of professional, social and technical competence. Through our structured curriculum, the school supplies the principles and practices of cosmetology from basic techniques to more advanced, continually focusing on skills that will make the student more marketable upon graduation.

Instructional Methods:

Chambersburg Beauty School uses Milady curriculum, textbooks and workbooks, which enable the school to supply the students and instructors with extensive educational materials. In cosmetology, 2 textbooks are used, along with a unique study guide and kits that contain many components used for hands-on practice which are utilized throughout the curriculum.

The cosmetology curriculum includes basic skills to more advanced skills as they proceed through the program. The program also includeds preparation for salon/spa entry through a segment of salon/spa business, developing resumes and interviewing skills. Students are also trained and prepared in Mock State Board licensing applications and evaluations.

Instructors prepare and follow lesson plans and the curriculum is delivered with a combination of theory lectures and hands-on practice using mannequins & actual clientele. The educational system uses step-by-step videos, DVD's that all correlate together. As lectures and demonstrations are given, students are able to follow along step-by-step with their textbooks.

The education system also contains many assessment techniques which enable the educator and learner to assess progress before and after hands-on applications are applied. Textbooks are set up with many classroom activities that re-enforce the lessons being taught.

Professional Barbering Program: 1250 hours of instruction

Barbering Curriculum Schedule 

The barbering curriculum is set up for 1250 hours of instruction. It takes place through a combination of theory classes, practical mannequin work, and actual hands on clientele practice.

Massage Therapy Program: 624 Hours of Instruction.

Course Objective:

To give students knowledge of and experience with a wide variety of bodywork modalities in order to produce graduates who will be able to offer the highest quality service to their clients and who will be in demand with employers of all kinds

Instructional Methods:

This comprehensive program prepares students to become successful practicing bodyworkers by giving them a broad knowledge of both Eastern and Western theories and techniques. The program exceeds standards set by most states and municipal governments for licensing. Students learn basic massage theory and technique. They are also taught an Eastern paradigm of bodywork therapy that includes shiatsu and acupressure, along with contemporary Western modalities such as structural bodywork, trigger point therapy & rehabilitation massage, sports massage, and cranial sacral therapy.

The program includes extensive coverage of anatomy and physiology in order to give students a solid, technical, scientific understanding of the body – so that they can serve their clients well and be able to communicate with other health care professionals. Business and career development classes, along with training in laws and regulations, are also offered.

Teacher Program: 500 hours of instruction

The primary purpose of the Teacher Program is to offer teaching methodology, learning philosophies and professional development for aspiring cosmetology educators. Students will develop their presentation skills, demonstration skills and people skills. The program will prepare students for the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetologists Teachers Examination as well as to be an effective teacher of cosmetology. Once the student has completed the program and passed the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetologists Teachers Examination for licensure, he/she will be qualified to obtain employment as a cosmetology teacher, product educator, manager and/or salon worker.

Nail Technology Program: 200 hours of instruction

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